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About us
The Alliance Security Service Corporate Limited (ASSC) is a corporation that can provide comprehensive, high-end international security service which was founded by 7 special operation force veterans in 2006. It’s the first standard, legal, late-model private security service corporation that be approved the Security Service License in Shandong province after the new “Security Service Management Regulation” promulgated and implemented in 2011. It’s the leading Chinese enterprise that can provide the late-model security service which integrated professionalization, standardization and modernization; it can provide bodyguards, escort, consulting and risk management, design and installation of the security systems and training to the clients. Currently the ASSC has 16 branch companies and 12 sub companies. XIE Qingsen, the Chairman and co-founder of ASSC, is the vice-president of the Chinese Bodyguard Association and experienced his army service in the famous Chinese Special Operation Force-the “Black Beret” quick response special operation group and was rewarded many times. 80% of the ASSC senior managers and 40% of its staff are veterans. The ASSC is with 9 departments: the Chairman Office, Supervision Center, Strategic Consultant Center, Finance Center, Audit Center, Integrated Operation Center, Marketing Center, Customer Center. The Integrated Operation Center is responsible for the corporate comprehensive business operation and divided into seven divisions; Marketing Center is responsible for the corporate business marketing work and also divided into seven divisions; Customer Service Center is responsible for the corporate customer service work, divided into five departments: VIP service, customer archives, team management, respondent and survey, customer maintenance. The Special Operations Center is responsible for special operation work and divided into Foreign Affairs International, Canine Guard, Finance & School Guards, Security Check, Body guards, Security Alarm and Security Training. The ASSC enhances the staffs’ collective identity by intensifying the staff enterprise culture training and organizing various team activities. It established perfect staff promotion process, so that every staff member has a clear profession road map and provides the stage to realize their value of life. At the same time, ASSC intensifies the staffs’ professional skills training to meet the clients’ different security requirements. With the perfect service quality monitoring system, the Alliance Security Service Corporate Ltd (ASSC) is determined to protect the clients’ interest, with the clients’ satisfaction as its guidance to provide the clients the optimal and best security service experience. ASSC-Security Experts with the leading brand in the Chinese security industry ASSC-Security consultant and the introducer of the housekeeping service ASSC-the producer and initiator of five-star service standard in the security industry Cooperate with the ASSC, you will get the sincerity, professionalism and assurance and will be the friends, comrades and family members of ASSC. With the severing domestic and international anti-terrorism situation, to satisfy the clients’ changing and increasing security requirements, the ASSC established its security talents training school and its international special guards training base. LIU Yuxue, as the headmaster, took part in the UN Peacekeeping Mission three times, is experienced with international peacekeeping and overseas security. With the highest level security service, the enhanced logistics support system and the most advanced security service information, the ASSC focus on the security industry to provide the governments,the NGOs, the enterprises, the families and individual person the international standard expertise security service. The target of ASSC is to organize a mercenary force that can operate in the complex and dangerous environments around the world and compete with the other world’s highest level security organizations.


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